Bethlehem Project

Bethlehem Palestine

Cocoon Planting Technology | Education  | Monitoring & Support

Pilot Project near Bethlehem City, Palestine

This project was implemented in partnership with UAWC, LLC and with the Tent of Nations (Nassar farm), which is a farm growing olives, grape vines, almonds, vegetables & fruits over about 100 acres of land near Bethlehem City. The family (owner) have fought a legal battle to keep hold on the land since it was threatened with confiscation in 1991.

Project Description

This farm is developed as a place where people can meet, work together and learn. As many areas of Palestinian land which are threatened with confiscation if they are not maintained and cultivated, MENAQUA aimed to support the farm by planting 200 trees using the cocoon planting technology.

The main aim of the COCOON pilot project was to introduce knowledge and innovative ideas to Palestine and, consequently, to contribute to a healthier environment and increased agricultural production in areas with degraded land and scarce water sources.

Project objectives

  • Replant olive and other trees on degraded Palestinian land;
  • Support farmers and their families by creating job opportunities and income-generating activities;
  • Encourage Palestinian universities to conduct scientific research, for further roll-out of the technology;
  • Protect and preserve the environment;
  • Educate Palestinians on the benefits of trees, healthy ecology and water efficiency.

Project Location

  • Nassar Farm, Bethlehem

Partners & Clients

Yassmin Hassan
Personal Assistant Management Menaqua